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Schizophrenia Simulation & Stigma:

Stigma and shame around mental illness is the number one reason people delay seeking help for their issues—if you don’t think that’s true, listen to this. I remember, the story of a client at an organization I worked with once, who hid his illness and entire course of treatment from his family, as he was so afraid of what they may think if they found out….. #thisshouldntbehappening #stigmafacts : 70% of young people say stigma makes them less likely to talk about their problems: 56% say that it makes them less likely to seek care…

Check out this neat Video Simulation on Schizophrenia created by the team at Bridging Minds to help end stigma around mental illness by showing people what living with them are like for others:

Bridging Minds Schizophrenia Simulation

Here is a clip from the full link (above):




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